Hello friends! I'm Jamison. I'm a photographer based in Salt Lake County but I also love to travel! I studied photography at Southern Utah University and am currently back in the Salt Lake area being happily married to the love of my life and childhood crush Jace Alexander Rogers.

 Photography is my passion. I dont remember a time when I didn't love it. Throughout my childhood I would always carry a disposable camera with me wherever I went and beg my mom to get the pictures developed  as soon as it was full. That love has stuck with me.

 I believe that capturing moments and making them memories is important. I thrive off of using my imagination and creating. Every picture tells a story and can give life a new point of view. My favorite story to capture being the love story. I love the emotion, romance and passion. Being married and deeply in love myself, I understand that helping others to see and feel your story is desired and inspiring. I try to bring something unique and different into every picture and story. So share yours with me. 
I love creating beautiful things.